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Technical Specifications

Parameters Values
Input Voltage 380 – 480V 3ph or 230V single phase
Input Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Output Voltage 0 - Rated Line Voltage
Output Frequency 0.5Hz - 200Hz
Switching Frequency 3kHz - 12kHz
Rated Power 0.5Hp - 15Hp
Control Method Linear V/f
Display Seven Segment / Alphanumeric LCD
Digital Inputs 5V DC opticallay isolated
Analog Inputs 0 - 5V


power rating

Customizable for different applications

power rating

Easy to intall & use

power rating

Industrial Robustness

power rating

Protection against possible drive failures

power rating

Heavy duty and super reliable operation

power rating

Quality customer support

power rating

Compatible with single phase supply

power rating

Made for Nepali Industries

VFD is used at more places than you think

Usage of VFD

VFD for Brick Factory

Low priced VFD with adequate features best suited for Nepali automatic brick producing machines.

VFD for Allo

Tailored for thread producing machine.

VFD for Tempo

It is used to change the speed of DC motors used in tempos to drive them.

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