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About Waiter Robots

These are series of intelligent waiter robots ready to deliver food to your invaluable customers at your restaurants. Ginger is powered with swarm intelligence, hence they communicate with each other and with the restaurant thus distributing tasks, preventing collision and co-operating to deliver the order to your esteemed customers. Ginger can also engage in communication with your customers.

Why Waiter Robots from Paaila?

Pure convenience for business

Self driving technology using AI for Waiter Robot

Self driving technology

It can take order from kitchen to any table by itself navigating its' way avoiding obstacles.

Waiter Robots are built for robustness and reliability

Powered with digital system

Ginger comes with a digital model of your restaurant, digital menu and order. Hence, its a revamp of your business space, a step closer to digitization.

Waiter Robots can coordinate using swarm intelligence

Swarm Intelligence

Two or more robotic waiters can communicate with each other to perform tasks in the most optimal way.

Ginger is now available for all business. Contact our sales team now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Ginger - Waiter Robot 

What sets Ginger apart from other waiter robots?

With Ginger - the waiter robot(s) - deployed at your restaurant you do not have to anything. The robot takes order from Kitchen, knows where it has to go without having to explicityly mention the destination after the food has been prepared. While the battery is enough for a day's functioning, it can dock itself at the charging station when it runs out of power. Two or more Ginger waiter robots can talk to each other to optimize food delivery and efficiency of robot operation.

How difficult is it to operate Ginger in my restaurant business?

Basically, after the installation of robot you won't have to do anything. The robot(s) get up at specific time and get to work straight way, charge themselves when they run out of power and keep performing reliably.

Has Ginger robot been deployed anywhere?

You'll soon be able to see them working in Naulo Restaurant at Durbarmarga, Kathmandu. Naulo going to be its' own digital universe.

What languages does Ginger understand and speak?

Currently, Ginger speaks only English. With Paaila working aggressively to enhance its' Nepali Speech Recognition software and Nepali Speech Synthesis already in place, Ginger will soon be able to converse in Nepali.

How much of Ginger is Made in nepal?

People are often awed by the finishing of the product. They ask if it is imported. We thank them for the compliment and humbly reply that it is completely designed and manufactured in Nepal.

What are the modes of navigation?

Ginger can operate on track line as well as by localization and mapping.

What is Swarm intelligence?

Two or more robots working in a coordinated way increasing the efficiency of the whole system is swarm intelliengece.

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