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What makes Pari 2 easy to use?

Self driving technology using AI for Waiter Robot

Self driving technology

It can take order from kitchen to any table by itself avoiding obstacles.

Robots are capable of operating the elevator through integration in your hostel system.


Powered with chatbot Pari 2 can interact with your customers through dialog in English.

Room service Robot has self docking capability to charge itself when idle.

Charges automatically when in rest

Pari can look after yourself so that you can focus on more important tasks.

Room service robots are built for robustness and reliability

Face Recognition

Pari 2.0 can identify the registered faces of your customers and call them by name. It also facilitates easy registration of new customers through the chest screen.

Integrate technology seamlessly in your business

Deploy Robots

Robots are finding widespread approvals and seamless integrations in businesses as robotics technology is quickly evolving. For businesses in Nepal and beyond, Paaila Technology has come up with humanoid service robots that can enhance efficiency of operations, provide novel engaging experience to customers thus adding value to businesses.

Pari is a delightful experience for customer reception

Customer Reception

A kind greeting “What can I do for you?” begins a friendly conversation between a customer and a robot receptionist, which is a joyful and unforgettable service experience to customers.

Pari is great at answering customer queries by retrieving information from its' database.

Query Answering

Robots are best suited to carry out repeated tasks like query answering with same energy, sense of humor and attitude.

Pari can be used to entertain customers. She can dance around, tell jokes and stories creating memorable experience.


Pari is good at creating a friendly environment around herself. She can dance, joke and interact with customers.

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