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World class waiter robot made in nepal by Paaila Technology.

Ginger - Waiter Robot

A smart, reliable and autonomous robot to take your valued customers' food order from kitchen to table.

World class room service robot made in nepal by Paaila Technology.

Pari 2.0

Pari 2.0 is a business assistant humanoid robot capable of navigating on its own with human like gestures.

Humanoid Robot Pari designed for human interaction.

Chat-Robot, Pari 1.0

Pari is your everday interaction humanoid. Pari 2.0 is coming up with advance AI technologies.

Artificial Intelligence Services

Helping your business leverage the power of AI

The world is rapidly embracing AI and reaping its' benefits. Paaila Technology wants to help companies in Nepal integrate AI technologies in their business.

Nepali Speech Recognition

Nepali Speech Recognition

Allows machines to understand the Nepali language queries.

Chatbot to automate business operations esp customer service

Query-AI powered chatbot

To connect with customers on day-to-day basis efficiently saving your time and resources.

State of the art text to speech in nepali language for humanoid robot

Nepali Text To Speech

Nepali TTS enables computers to speak Nepali language as naturally as humans.


Companies and people who love us.

Nepal SBI


Rastriya Banijya Bank


Yeti Airlines

Department of passport

Department of transport


BP Science Museum

Global IME Bank

Everest Bank

Contech Pvt Ltd


Project RED

Abhiyan Engineering

Mantra INC

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