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Beautifully designed waiter robot from Paaila Technology for you hotel and restaurant

Ginger - Waiter Robot

A smart, reliable and autonomous robot to take your valued customers' food order from kitchen to table.

Beautifully designed room service robot from Paaila Technology for your hotel.

Ferry - Room Service Robot

Explore new frontiers in room service. Ferry can carry most items to your hotel's room.

Humanoid Robot Pari for human interaction powered by advanced AI technologies.


Pari is your everday interaction humanoid. Pari 2.0 is coming up with advance AI technologies.

Integrate technology seamlessly in your business

Deploy Robots

Robots are finding widespread approvals and seamless integrations in businesses as robotics technology is quickly evolving. For businesses in Nepal and beyond, Paaila Technology has come up with humanoid service robots that can enhance efficiency of operations, provide novel engaging experience to customers thus adding value to businesses.

Pari is a delightful experience for customer reception

Customer Reception

A kind greeting “What can I do for you?” begins a friendly conversation between a customer and a robot receptionist, which is a joyful and unforgettable service experience to customers.

Pari can be used to create memorable product and service launches.

Product Service / Launch

Pari is able to introduce your product both on the screen and voiceover, which is the most effective way to make people remember your product or service.

Pari is great at answering customer queries by retrieving information from its' database.

Query Answering

Robots are best suited to carry out repeated tasks like query answering with same energy, sense of humor and attitude.

Pari can be used to entertain customers. She can dance around, tell jokes and stories creating memorable experience.


Pari is good at creating a friendly environment around herself. She can dance, joke and interact with customers.

Technologies enabling robots


Paaila Technology is a company with the best vertical integration of hardware and software expertise. It's not an option for us, it's imperative for development of world class robots at affordable cost. We are uniquely empowered to make intelligent robots which are not just beautiful but add values to businesses of our technology embracing customers.

Pari built with Computer Vision to see things around

Computer Vision

Enables robots to actually see their surroundings to make them more interactive with people around them.

Pari is built with Natural Language Processing capablities to understand human language,
                      queries and interact effectively.

Natural Language Processing

Allows robots to understand the queries of humans and formulate effective strategy to provide the best answer.

Pari has robust embedded system inside which powers its actions and functions.

Embedded System Design

It's at the core of a robot empowering every of its' functions and actions.

Pari has been designed aesthetically for natural touch and feel, durability and efficiency.

Robot Modelling & Design

To create robots with aesthetic touch, natural feel and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions on Robotics and Paaila 

How much of Pari is Made in nepal?

People are often awed by the finishing of the product. They ask if it is imported from China or elsewhere. We thank them for the compliment and humbly reply that it is completely made in Nepal. To be specific :

1. The body of the robot was designed, molded, fabricated, polished and painted in Nepal.
2. We did not make the touchscreens or the computers used inside it. However, we did program the computers and made all the softwares used in the robot from ground-up.
3. We also built softwares and hardwares for all motion/actuator control that is visible in the robot.

How long did it take to make Pari?

Pari was completed in a time frame of 45 days by a team of a handful of engineers working day and night literally. More than 30 people were involved in the development of Pari which apart from engineers comprised of designers, painters, sculptors, voice actors, sound-video editors and more.

What are features of Pari and how does it work?

The robot is robustly built with features such as verbal interaction, detection of human presence in proximity and humanoid body structure. It greets people when they enter into the bank and asks to help them when it senses people in proximity. It can guide people to operate machines in the bank through a beautifully designed program running on its touch screen. The program to guide people is coupled with voice assistance. It has been fine tuned to make its operation efficient and the robot durable.

Where can we see the Robot?

Pari is placed at inTouch branch of Nepal SBI at Durbarmarg, Kathmandu. You’re welcome by the bank to visit the bank, do some banking and see Pari. Selfie taking is also allowed and actually encouraged. And we request you to use #Pari or #PaailaTechnology in case you wanted to post it in social media.

Why did you make it?

Paaila Team is comprised of engineers who have a strong and long background in robotics. They have participated in International Robotics competitions, ABU Robocon, several times in a row and have won unprecedented awards and acknowledgement from the international robotics community. That being said, it should only sound natural that the team is passionate about robotics and should try to build world class robots of its own.

But it would not have been possible without the support of Nepal SBI bank whose interest in robotics kindled hope for a good market in robotics in the country. And because this robot was built in such a small time frame, it is just the tip of the iceberg, or even less. Future robots, we promise, will blow your minds away.

What are your future plans?

We are planning to build a robot capable of completely autonomous navigation, natural human conversation embedded with business specific expert system.

If everything goes as planned, you should be able to see the next robot in eight months. Of course, it is an ambitious target because of the fact that robotics require a huge amount of investment, very talented and hardworking engineers and a very welcoming market. And we do not pretend to have everything figured out, but with a team that knows only of work and deadlines, not of excuses and impossibilities, this target is the most probable outcome.

What is the vision of Paaila Technology?

Our vision in three words - Make in Nepal.

It aims at producing world class robotics and industrial automation products that are suited for Nepali industries. In doing that we will be promoting a value, a sentiment that if we are prepared to work hard with a focused vision, everything can be done in Nepal.

How is the company culture at Paaila?

Paaila Technology is a fast paced company with core focus on Robotics and Industrial Automation. It comprises of individuals who believe that they can change the world around them. Folks at Paaila are self motivated, talented and hardworking people who are always learning and always pushing their limits to deliver quality products and services. In a short span of time, it has delivered products and services to some of the biggest names in the country - SBI Nepal Limited, nLocate, Gyani Traders and many more. The trust that these companies put in us is a testament to the quality and expertise Paaila delivers in its products and to its clients.

What are jobs and careers prospects at Paaila?

We are looking to expand our team as quickly as possible. We are looking for more engineers, managers and brilliant sales people with spark to make changes and add values to our organization. Even when there are no vacancies listed on our official site, people looking to work for Paaila can send us their resume and we will respond as quickly possible.

When was Paaila Technology established?

The company was founded in Dec., 2016.

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