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About Nepali TTS

Nepali Text to Speech is a service which enables you to convert a Nepali text into Nepali speech. It can help you to make your websites more friendly and accessible to hearing impaired audience. It can be a wonderful narrator to turn your books into audio books in a low cost and reliable manner. Testing.

For business

Usage of Nepali Text-to-Speech

Waiter Robots can coordinate using swarm intelligence

Audio Enabled Websites

Increase the accessibility of your website by speech enabling it using our Text-to-Speech.

Self driving technology using AI for Waiter Robot

AAC Devices

Using Text-to-Speech applications in AAC devices, we can provide people with speech disabilities a way to communicate easily.

Waiter Robots are built for robustness and reliability

Digital talking books

Convert the written textbooks, magazines, novels, newspapers and more to audio books.

Nepal Text To Speech API is coming real soon.

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