Paaila Technology

a robotics & ai company

Our vision

Our vision- Robotics and AI.

Paaila aims at producing world class human friendly robots that really add value to the business houses that deploy them. The world is rapidly embracing AI and reaping its' benefits. Paaila Technology wants to help companies in Nepal integrate AI technologies in their business to improve customer stickiness while also making them globally competitive.

Our objectives

  1. 1.   Be the best place to work for robotics and ai

  2. 2.  Be the best and default option for people seeking robotics services

  3. 3.   Help Nepali companies integrate AI into their products and services

A note on our culture

Paaila Technology is a fast paced company with core focus on Robotics and AI. It comprises of self motivated, talented and hardworking people who are always learning and always pushing their limits to deliver quality products and services. In a short span of time, it has delivered products and services to some of the biggest names in the country - SBI Nepal Limited, nLocate, Gyani Traders and many more. The trust of that these companies put in us is a testament to the quality and expertise Paaila delivers in its products and to its clients.

The team that makes Paaila tick

Chairman of Paaila Technology

Biju Raut


Binay Raut Cofounder and CEO of Paaila Technology

Binay Raut

Co-founder, CEO

Dipkamal Bhusal - Cofounder of Paaila Technology

Dipkamal Bhusal

Co-founder, Managing Director

Sagar Shrestha - Chief Operation Officer, Cofounder of Paaila Technology

Sagar Shrestha

Co-founder, Head of Product Development
AI and Robotics Engineer

Rabin Giri - Cofounder of Paaila Technology

Rabin Giri, Chief Operation Officer

Robotics Engineer

Aayush Kasajoo Director of Paaila Technology

Aayush Kasajoo, Head of Procurement Director


Niraj Basnet - Cofounder, Chief Technology Officer of Paaila Technology

Niraj Basnet

Co-founder, Robotics Engineer

Wasim Akram Khan - Cofounder of Paaila Technology

Wasim Akram Khan

Co-founder, Software Engineer

Bhisma Adhikari

Senior Software Engineer

Bishal Lakha

Senior AI Engineer

Electronics Engineer at Paaila Technology

Anish Shrestha

Electronics Engineer

Shyam Rauniyar

Mechanical Engineer

Narayan Prasad

Electronics Engineer

Sarwashree Shah

Business Development Officer

Robotics Overseer

Prasuma Rawaal

Marketing Executive


Bibek Bhandari

Operation Executive

Graphics Designer

Bishwajit Acharya

Graphics Designer

Web developer

Suraj Dhakal

Full Stack Developer

Andr Developer

Raju Bhattarai

Android Developer

Robotics Engineer

Ayush Kafle

Robotics Engineer

Robotics Engineer

Nisan Chettri

AI Developer

Electrical Engineer

Dhiraj Basnet

Electrical Engineer

Robotics Engineer

Shantam Shrestha

Full Stack Developer

Robotics Engineer

Kushal Ingnam

AI Developer

Robotics Overseer

Prem Phagami

Mechanical Overseer

Robotics Engineer

Smriti Bhujel

Office Operations