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About Nepali ASR

Speech Recognition helps you understand what a person is saying. Nepali Speech Recognition Service from Paaila Technology can be your most cost efficient and reliable way to easily convert audio and voice into written text for quick understanding of your contents.

Why Paaila ASR (Speech Regcognition)?

Key features of Nepali Speech to Text

Self driving technology using AI for Waiter Robot

Simple to use API

No complicated programing is required to use our API. Your dev team will love team.

Waiter Robots can coordinate using swarm intelligence

Reliable and Accurate

The transcribed words are formatted well so that the output can be used forward with few or without extra editing.

Waiter Robots are built for robustness and reliability

Support a wide range of use

Our system is designed to proved accurate transcripts for a wide range of audio quality and condition.

Nepal Speech Recognition (ASR) API is coming real soon.

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