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Automatic Dhara

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Models of Automatic Dhara

Wired Automatic Dhara

Reliable and efficient water level controllers at affordable price.

Wireless Automatic Dhara

Do away with wiring hassles. It works good with both long and short range distance.

Stuffed with features you require


Free installation of automatic dhara

Free installation

Covers (upto 90m.) wire required for installation.

power rating

1 year warranty

We know you love warranties.

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Quality Customer Service

We put you first.

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Saves Electricity

Uses advanced engineering to reduce your electricity bill.

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Saves Water

No more water overflow & no more empty tanks.

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Saves Time

So that you can focus on what's important

Automatic Dhara FAQ 

What is automatic Dhara?

Automatic Dhara is a system that monitors your tank and reservoir so that your tank never becomes empty and never overflows. Also, you won’t have to worry about load shedding schedule to fill up your tanks because it automatically starts working when there is electricity. We believe people should have more leisure time!

How does Automatic Dhara work?

It has float sensors which sense water level in tank and optionally in reservoirs. If tank becomes empty, automatic dhara starts the motor and switches off the motor when the tank becomes full.

What are the advantages of using Automatic Dhara?

It saves electricity which is consumed when motor keeps running even after the tank if full. Roofs get spoiled due to water overflow if iron content is high in the water. Our system doesn't let water overflow thus it is good for roofs and your house.

What kind of buildings/houses is Automatic Dhara compatible with?

It is compatible with most systems consisting water source (well/reservoir/boring) and water tank(s).

What kind of places Automatic Dhara isn't compatible with?

Places (borings and wells) where the water source keeps drying. In other words, it isn't built for places with no water source.

Is Automatic Dhara reliable?

This product has been rigorously tested for quality. We provide one year warranty because of the high quality of the product.

Where can it be used?

It is useful for houses, offices, poultry, hotels, factory.

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