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Query-A Digital Assistant Chatbot

Nov. 19, 2018     By: Dipkamal Bhushal

Convenience and Automation have become necessities for all kinds of businesses. It costs
business time and resources to deploy humans in simpler tasks, for example answering queries to customers in either facebook messenger, twitter, or website. This is too simple task to deploy full time human manpower and yet, a delayed reply or ignored message can ruin the customer relationship.

Chatbots are computer programs that can simulate human conversation and answer all of your customer queries and FAQs. With built-in machine learning technology, the responses from the chatbot get more intelligent over time. Such chatbots can free up the time of human manpower so that they can resolve the more complex tasks, and increase customer satisfaction. Mundane repetitive tasks like query answering, ticket creation, data entry and incident updates can be performed by chatbots 24/7 that increases productivity of human manpower significantly. Human agents can be alerted via notifications if an event of high priority occurs. Information regarding various fields can be collected through such chatbots which can assist businesses in drafting out better plans and policies targeted to their customers.

Chatbots can even engage in a long conversation with your customers without having the time of your manpower wasted thus recommending product, answering all their queries, resolving a problem or complaint and providing detailed answers and explanation related to your business. You can deploy multiple bots across your messenger and website thus all the queries of your customers will be handled concurrently within a few seconds of time which is impossible to do with human manpower. This will improve relationship of your business with customers. Businesses can also collect various information from customers which helps in analysis, planning and implementation. Chatbots can store the metadata like chat frequency, chat topics, gender and age of customer via chat that helps business make effective plans.

With an easy to use integration in facebook messengers and websites, Paaila Technology’s highly intelligent chatbot Query, can be deployed in any businesses that has to connect with customers on day-to-day basis. Query will help reach your brand value to your customers forming a lucrative connection between your business and your invaluable customers saving your time and resources.

Features of our chatbot:

1. Customized name and style for the bot
2. Bots available to handle different or specific kinds of business queries
3. Natural and persuasive to customers; emotionally empathizing
4. Capable of analyzing the sentiment of the messages and cater the response
5. Powered with rich-AI features that helps bots learn on itself
6. Easy to integrate with varied online platforms
7. Log-storage of the conversation between your business and customers
8. Enriched with custom analysis tools ( You will have access with metadata from customer conversation. Eg. number of chats, average chat time, queries and their frequency, customer gender/age groups if available)
9. Multiple bots can deployed in your business apps thus connecting with your large number of customers concurrently. Takes a couple of seconds to answer customer query.
10. Dispatch information in the form of multimedia like photos, and web links that improves overall customer service.
11. Connect to your business backend ( database, or api) and perform business-specific task.


We offer an easy integration of Query in your varied web presences. With your supply of FAQs and queries you want bots to handle on day-to-day basis, our team will seamlessly integrate Query into your facebook messenger and/or websites.

Our process of deploying AI bots can be splitted into following steps:

1. Consultation: Our team will first consult with your business and discuss on the best tone and style of the bot to match your business. We will even help you pick the name for the bot thus reflecting your brand.

2. Data collection: We will assist your team in collection, sorting and cleaning of data that will be seemed useful for your customers. General QA are available by default with Query.

3. Processing: Our team of AI engineers will then process the queries and create an intelligent link between the customer question and the answers you look to provide.

4. Testing and quality assurance: Once the bot is ready, we will ask your team to check it’s functionality by asking it questions like a customer. If any improvements needs to be made, our team will work right into it.

5. Integration: Once the bot passes QA test, we will integrate them in your desired web presence. Integration in facebook requires submission of official documents to Facebook to verify your business and this shall be performed by the concerned authority of your business. Our team will get in touch with you with details.

Considering we are provided with all the data you want bots to handle, your own intelligent bots will be deployed across your online presence in a span of two weeks-15 working days.