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An automated query answering system for your business.

Query Answering System

Integrate AI seamlessly in your business

About Query

Banks, telecom companies, business seller, finance, e commerce, every customer centered businesses must offer a quick and accurate solutions to the inquiries your customers seek. Query is one of our secure and scalable products for intelligent communication platform to actively engage with your valuable customers. It will answer all the queries of your customers while maintaining a record of the nature of conversation, topic of query and other information so that you can take future decisions based on it to improve your business performance. You integrate it in your social networks or web apps.

For business

Usage of recommendation system

Self driving technology using AI for Waiter Robot

Self driving technology

It can take order from kitchen to any table by itself.

Waiter Robots can coordinate using swarm intelligence

Swarm Intelligence

Two or more robotic waiters can communicate with each other to perform tasks in the most optimal way.

Waiter Robots are built for robustness and reliability


We understand that reliability is a top priority for you. That's why we perform rigorous testing to ensure each robots perform reliably.

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