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Researches have proven that the companies embracing Artificial Intelligence have higher yeilds and returns than those who are shy of embracing AI. Paaila Technology which has amassed Artificial Intelligence epxertise and talents building AI tools and technologies for its' robots wants to help companies in Nepal integrate AI technologies in their business while also advancing state of the art. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services provided are listed below.

Pari built with Computer Vision to see things around

Recommendation System

We are witnessing deluge of eCommerce, digital publishing houses and other online ventures. Everyone is attempting to differentiate their services and offerings. I believe recommendation systems are going to become number one differentiator. That's what made Amazon, Netflix, Youtube, Flipkart into the giants they are today. If you're a publishing house implementing recommendation systems means more readers engage with your services in more meaningful ways which could increase revenue. For ecommerce, it means your customers see the products that might actually want to buy rather than seeing just random products. It increases the confidence of customers in your services and your revenue as well.

Pari built with Computer Vision to see things around

Nepali Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition helps you understand what a person is saying. Nepali Speech Recognition Service from Paaila Technology can be your most cost efficient and reliable way to generate automatic caption for videos or transcribe audios. The transcribed text can further be used to generate meaningful insights.

Pari has robust embedded system inside which powers its actions and functions.

Nepali Text To Speech

Nepali Text to Speech is a service which enables you to convert a Nepali text into Nepali speech. It can help you to make your websites more friendly and accessible to hearing impaired audience. It can be a wonderful narrator to turn your books into audio books in a low cost and reliable manner.

Pari is built with Natural Language Processing capablities to understand human language,
                              queries and interact effectively.

Query Answering System

Your customers are always engaging in conversations with your business, it can be on any social media or your mobile app. New customers look forward to hear about your business and get their queries answered while old customers ask about the new services you are offering. Banks, telecom companies, business seller, finance, e commerce, every customer centered businesses must offer a quick and accurate solutions to the inquiries your customers seek.Query is one of our secure and scalable products for intelligent communication platform to actively engage with your valuable customers. It will answer all the queries to your customers while maintaining a record of the nature of conversation, topic of query and other information so that you can take future decisions based on it to improve your business performance.You integrate it in your social networks, mobile apps or web apps.

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