Nepal's first humanoid service robot

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Paaila Technology is a company with the best vertical integration of hardware and software expertise. It's not an option for us, it's imperative for development of world class robots at affordable cost. We are uniquely empowered to make intelligent robots which are not just beautiful but add values to businesses of our technology embracing customers.

Pari built with Computer Vision to see things around

Computer Vision

Enables robots to actually see their surroundings to make them more interactive with people around them.

Pari is built with Natural Language Processing capablities to understand human language,
                      queries and interact effectively.

Natural Language Processing

Allows robots to understand the queries of humans and formulate effective strategy to provide the best answer.

Pari has robust embedded system inside which powers its actions and functions.

Embedded System Design

It's at the core of a robot empowering every of its' functions and actions.

Pari has been designed aesthetically for natural touch and feel, durability and efficiency.

Robot Modelling & Design

To create robots with aesthetic touch, natural feel and durability.


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Paaila Technology won the best technology company at technology festival with more the 200 participants.

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