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About Waiter Robots

These are series of intelligent waiter robots ready to deliver food and drinks to your invaluable customers at your restaurants. All you have to do it place the food on the multiple trays on the robot and hit the table number on the robot’s screen. The robot will then interact locally not just with the restaurant environment but also with other sets of robots, distributing tasks, preventing collision and co-operating to deliver the order to your esteemed customers. Instead of depending on the customer to fetch the food, waiter robot places the tray on the table by itself, delighting your customers.

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Why Robotic Waiters from Paaila?

Self driving technology using AI for Waiter Robot

Self driving technology

It can take order from kitchen to any table by itself.

Waiter Robots can coordinate using swarm intelligence

Swarm Intelligence

Two or more robotic waiters can communicate with each other to perform tasks in the most optimal way.

Waiter Robots are built for robustness and reliability


We understand that reliability is a top priority for you. That's why we perform rigorous testing to ensure each robots perform reliably.

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